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Prep for Importing Orders in MARC format



    • Morning Glory (R2 2022)
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      Folijet will do this prep work in MG; then Folijet will implement UXPROD-185 in Nolana

      This prep feature will be for:

      • abreaux verifying requirements (small group with DI/Acq, maybe quickMARC?)
        • UI
          • Creating field mapping screen
          • Create only?
          • Any DI log adjustments?
        • How to handle receiving pieces
        • Handling multi-copy/multi-volume orders
        • How to handle Inventory creation
        • How to incorporate the POL line limit into import
        • Performance expectations
        • Work with templates at all, or just use defaults from the field mapping profile?
      • Dev teams confirming necessary research spikes related to
        • Review the Lehigh tool and whether we can reuse any of it (Michelle, Damien)
          • What tweaks did Damien make for Mich State?
        • DI interacting with Orders app
        • Review details between Folijet/Spitfire and Thunderjet (Damien, Andrei M, Kate, Igor, A-M, Dennis, optional Khalilah)
        • Review the DI-Invoicing flow with Volodia and Ruslan from Folijet, since this will be roughly parallel
        • Understanding current Order/Receiving/Inventory interactions, and how the DI requirements are the same and how they differ
        • Writing Karate & E-to-E test scenarios
        • Performance testing
        • Planning the work
      • Get the stories written and refined so that they can be developed in Nolana

      Help the user set mapping rules and profiles for dealing with incoming batch loads:

      • Find data elements in fields of incoming MARC Bibliographic file
      • Map to data elements of appropriate FOLIO Acquisitions records
      • Same field mapping options as MARC Inventory field mapping profiles
        • Allow for sequential mapping (first look in this field for data, then in this field)
        • Allow for defaults
        • Allow for blanking out data in existing FOLIO fields A-M check is this is needed - maybe only create, not update?
        • Allow for mappings to be created and saved as data mapping profiles, or to be created on the fly
        • Apply the rules to parse the incoming data and deliver to the FOLIO Orders app, to create orders and order lines


      Bring job profiles to life for MARC Bibliographic records creating (not yet deleting) Order + Order line records

      Note: This is based on UI input, not command line. Data Migration may take care of loading PO and PO Line data based on command line interaction with Order APIs.

      Parse incoming order data in MARC records to identify relevant order details, package them up, and deliver to the orders app with appropriate rules, so that orders and order lines can be created.

      When start importing orders and shelfready data, preference is to match on PO or Order Key and then update associated Instance, MARC Bib, Holdings, Items – make sure this is a requirement in the order import (see UXPROD-3345)

      See additional details here: https://wiki.folio.org/display/MM/Create+orders+by+importing+MARC+Bibliographic+Records

      Next steps:

      • Mtg with Igor
      • Small group outline basic requirements
      • Confirm requirements with devs
      • Confirm requirements with DI and Acq groups
      • Igor creates a high level design of the process
      • Review design with Tjet/Fjet devs
      • Write the detailed stories for UXPROD-185, to implement in Nolana
      • Folijet refines the stories and sizes the effort

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