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Improve checkout performance by caching data



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      Cornell reports that check-ins and checkouts range from 1 second to 5 seconds (and sometimes up to 11 seconds). Missouri State reports the same rate. We need to improve the processing time for check-ins and checkouts.

      marcjohnson has created a proposal at https://wiki.folio.org/x/op3hAw. After reviewing the proposal, the Capacity Planning Team has determined that we should proceed with the caching approach. Marc is in the process of creating a document outlining the technical aspects for the devs.


      1. Ask assigned team to come up with approach within 2 weeks.
      2. Try out this caching approach on one record type, choosing the one with the biggest impact.
      3. After we are satisfied with the process, implement caching for as many other record types as we are able during the release. Need to prioritize the rest of the record types so that we get the heavy hitters first.
      4. Have the PTF team analyze the results of caching work completed.
      5. Discuss impact of caching with Resource Access SIG (i.e. if cached record is more than X minutes old, refresh it). We are waiting until we know the impact of caching on the response time so that we are able to present the process with as much information as possible.
      6. Determine next steps based on new PTF team analysis.

      The "is defined by" stories for this feature should be worked on in this order...

      Recommended approach to take..

      • cache expiration of 5 seconds for all record types
      • maximum cache size of 1000 records (this is pure speculation, as we don't know what impact the caching will have on memory usage)

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