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Future Fees/Fines: Change process used to determine time interval for overdue items



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      NOTE: This feature was created after we discovered that bug MODFEE-205 is not really a bug, but rather how the overdue process was designed.  Please note that Erin N. has created a wiki page at https://wiki.folio.org/x/1gdiB that covers the issues related to this ticket.

      Items that are overdue may be checked out for minutes, hours, days, etc.  The overdue fine associated with the item is also in minutes, hours, days, etc.  This would work easily if the loan and overdue fine used the same interval, but often they do not.  For example, a 3-day loan may have an overdue fine calculated by minutes.  To facilitate this, we designed the process to convert all intervals to minutes (the lowest interval), then break it into the correct interval for the overdue fine.  This mostly works, given we have not heard from any sites until recently, but there are at least two cases where we may not be charging one interval less than we should be.  These cases include:

      1. Items that are overdue by days, as described in MODFEE-205.  The patrons in this case are being charge one day too little. This appears to happen in cases where we don't count closed time.  (We don't tend to test the day/month calculations because of the testing environment, although they were tested initially.)
      2. I have noticed that the overdue fines in minutes also can be 1 minute short.  I have assumed this is because the calculation considers seconds, which we cannot see in the UI.  I am not sure if this only happens when not counting closed times or not. We should address that issue at the same time as we address the issue uncovered by MODFEE-205

      *NOTE: Institutions should add any other scenarios in error to this UXPROD.

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