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NFR: Look up instance plug-in. Swap from search tool PostgreSQL to Elasticsearch



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      Current situation or problem: Inventory app is currently using the technical approach using PostgreSQL, JSONB columns, CQL and RAML Module Builder. This search technology is also used for the Instance look up component (ui-plugin-find-instance). We are in the mid of upgrading Inventory search to be using Elasticsearch. The Instance look up component need to be aligned with this and also use Elasticsearch.

      In scope:

      1. The Instance look up component (ui-plugin-find-instance) - swapping PostgreSQL with Elastic Search

      Out of scope:
      Implementation in other apps.

      Use case(s):

      1. As an acquisition staff I edit an Order POL record by connecting with an existing title in Inventory by using the Instance look up component
      2. As a cataloger I connect a journal title with it's preceding/succeeding title by connecting the titles by using the Instance look up component

      Proposed solution/stories:
      Proposed Inventory Search MVP Kiwi release.docx

      Comments from the developers:
      mpk35: The ui-plugin-find-instance is based on the component called SearchAndSortQuery and we will first need to customize SearchAndSortQuery, and then next step would be to copy all ES components over.

      Timeline: Lotus (R1 2022)

      Links to additional info
      Searching in Inventory: https://wiki.folio.org/display/FOLIOtips/Searching
      Elasticsearch: https://wiki.folio.org/display/DD/Search


      • What is the impact on automated tests? How many test will need to be revised?

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