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Carry POL 'rush' indicator to corresponding receiving records



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      Current situation or problem: ** The POL has a rush checkbox that can be selected. This is available as a filter to narrow only to POLs with this indicator selected.

      It would be helpful to library staff if this rush indicator carried to the corresponding receiving record in a manner similar to the receiving note, as well as to associated invoices. In both cases, the rush filter should be available in these apps to support filtering to receiving records and invoices containing items that require rush processing.

      This would indicate the need for rush processing at every stage of the acquisitions process in FOLIO, which is especially important in libraries where there are different staff members responsible for different stages of the acquisitions workflow.

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      Use case(s)

      As an acquisitions staff member, I want to filter my receiving records by expected receipt date and whether rush is selected to ensure that I'm prioritizing the processing of these materials first.

      As an acquisitions staff member, I want to be able to know if the invoice I am paying covers any materials that require rush processing.

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      Suggested by Michigan State University as an enhancement to FOLIO Acquisitions after their go-live on 7/1/2021.


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