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Inventory. Holdings record. Reorder holdings statements, and holdings statements for supplements, and for indexes



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      Current situation or problem: In holdings records, in the holdings detail accordion holdings statements, holdings statements for supplements and holdings statements for indexes can not be reorganized. Right now if you have statements that are out of order or you need to add a statement into the middle of what is there, the only way to get things into the correct order is a lot of copy and paste and hoping that you don't accidentally delete something you weren't supposed to.

      In scope:
      Holdings record, the accordion Holdings details:

      • Holdings statements
      • Holdings statements for supplements
      • Holdings statements for indexes

      Out of scope:

      Use case(s):
      As a staff user adding new holdings statement, etc. I want easy to

      • add a holdings statement / holdings statement for supplements / holdings statement for indexes in the middle of existing holdings statement data
      • reorganize my holdings statement data to display in correct chronology.

      Proposed solution/stories:
      Reordering done by using drag and drop as implemented for Move of holdings and item.
      Alternatively use arrows as in quickMARC. Will consult with MM-SIG and UX designer.

      Links to additional info:
      Suggestion for enhancement - https://folio-project.slack.com/archives/C20V5L40P/p1626109056398300

      Should we consider UX consistency with:

      1. UXPROD-1635 Order/sequencing of holdings on an instance record. Re-order Holdings records

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