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Create a plugin to allow view of a user's loan information without access to the Users app



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      Current situation or problem: Currently, if you want a FOLIO user to be able to see loan information for patrons, the FOLIO user must have general access to the Users app, since that is where the loans UI lives. This means that the FOLIO user would be able to search user records, for example, and see elements of the core FOLIO user record such as patron contact information and IDs.

      Libraries have use cases where they would like people to be able to see loan information for a specific patron, but not allow searching in the app or viewing of addresses / contact info. For example, in the Check out app, there is a use case for providing a number of open loans for the patron, and a link to view the loan information. For some use cases, the libraries want this link to show loan information without providing the ability to generally search user records.

      In scope

      • Development of a user interface, similar to functionality provided through the Add User modal / search, that allows for a limited view of loan information for a particular user
      • Once the modal is developed, implementing the modal for use in the Checkout app so that it is used for the Open loans link.

      Out of scope

      Use case(s)

      • A library has locations for library services that are not staffed by librarians.
        • Real example: Duke - the campus has a large geographic footprint, and many locations where students/faculty/staff work can be places where it is difficult to get to the library. So Duke operates a delivery service where patrons can request books be delivered for them to these remote locations. In some cases, Duke wants to grant staff at those locations permissions to manage checkouts so that books are not simply left unattended for patron pickup. But in those cases, because the staff doing those checkouts are not library staff (they are often staff assistants or program coordinators who work in that building,) they don't want those staff to have the ability to see user records for patrons who are not in that location.
      • A library has locations that are staffed by non-circulation library staff.
        • Libraries may have desks that provide circulation functionality but are staffed by people who do not work in circulation; for example, a desk that provides technology support. Libraries may want those desks to be able to check out an item if a patron happens to come to them wanting to do the checkout, to improve that patron's experience at the library, so they don't have to wander from desk to desk. In those cases, it's helpful for the library to provide more limited access to loans information, since the staff who work at these "occasional circulation" service points don't get the same training and repetition that staff at the main circulation points do.

      Proposed solution/stories

      Links to additional info


      • Are there other use cases, besides those listed above, where this modal could be used?
      • The current loans UI provides a lot of information about an item and loan. What of that information should be available in a loans modal? What should not be available in a loans modal?
      • Would there ever be a need for someone who uses the loan modal to be able to see loan details?
      • Would there ever be a need for someone who uses the loan modal to be able to see closed loans?

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