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Analyze Folijet support work for Inventory Bound-with feature (Data Import)



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      Current situation or problem: Inventory implemented backend support for bound withs in UXPROD-1241 (Juniper) and will work on UI support for View (UXPROD-2855) and possibly Edit (UXPROD-3080) in Kiwi. Corresponding changes in Data Import need to be discussed and documented, and if possible, completed in Kiwi

      In scope

      • How this new Inventory functionality affects Data Import profiles and jobs

      Out of scope
      (But related): how does this new Inventory functionality affect Acquisitions and Data Export

      Use case(s)

      Q&A with Charlotte and Prokopovych (see comments on UXPROD-2855

      • If data import is creating an item record from an incoming MARC Bib, would it be expected to somehow link that item record to multiple instances? Answer: NOT Relevant (assume they will be manually linked?)
      • If data import is updating an item record from an incoming MARC Bib, I think it'll be OK, since the match would most likely be on Item HRID, UUID, or Barcode number Answer: YES - all good
      • Is there any change to the Instance or Item record schema to add/modify a field to indicate an Item record belongs to multiple instances? If so, we may need to update the Item or Instance field mapping screen Answer: No, there are no changes to the Item, HoldingsRecord or Instance schema in Inventory storage. The Item is related to multiple holdings records (and thus by extension to multiple Instances) through a new data structure in Inventory storage. (Do we need to do something to take the new data structure into account in DI field mapping profiles or in the data that is sent to Inventory during an import job?)
      • If data export is outputting Instance + Item data, would it need to take into account a new data element Answer: No, as per above comment
      • If orders are creating items, and/or receiving is updating items, would it somehow need to take into account that an item record is linked to multiple instances? Answer: If Orders is creating an Item, it will not (yet) be connected to multiple instances (unless Orders makes it so at this point). If receiving is updating an Item, that is a bound-with, it can do so as before.
      • More details from Niels Erik Gilvad Nielsen:
        • If, down the line, data import/export or Orders need to register a new Item as a bound-with or need to retrieve it with it’s bound-with parts, then these modules must know how to persist and retrieve that information in Inventory storage using the new bound-with-part API for example: https://s3.amazonaws.com/foliodocs/api/mod-inventory-storage/bound-with-part.html
        • For completeness: There are schema changes for bound-with in the business logic module, mod-inventory. In both the Instance and the Item schema there is a new derived, read-only field `isBoundWith`, indicating that records are bound-with, to assist the UI in displaying that fact. And when retrieving a Item by ID, the Item will contain a list (read-only so far) of the titles that are bound within it, again for the benefit of the UI.

      Proposed solution/stories

      • Any changes to Item field mapping screen UI?
      • Any changes to Instance field mapping screen UI?
      • Any changes to the DI payload for Creating or Updating Instances?
      • Any changes to the DI payload for Creating or Updating Items?
      • Any changes needed in DI UI log info?

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