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User Permission Management UI Improvements (Show perm metadata)



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      Goal: new functionality for staff permissions UI


      1. Assign or remove users to/from a permission or permission set 
      2. Show more permissions metadata in the UI

      Purpose 1: Assign or remove users to/from a permission or permission set 

      • This is inclusive of, and an extension to, an existing feature: UXPROD-1744

      As a staff user I want to ...

      • be able to assign multiple users to a permission set at once
      • be able to review who is assigned specific permissions in specific roles in order to audit their access, or remove access in bulk 
      • be able to include functionality from the user side 
        • be able to see which permissions a user has
        • be able to assign users to permission sets (not just the other way around) 
        • be able to see the subpermissions for permission sets that a user has

       Use Case

      • A library hires fifty students to work at a circulation desk and each student is assigned the permission set ‘Circulation Student’ upon hire. Each May, the library reviews the permission set ‘Circulation Student’ through the UI and removes the students who have graduated. 

      Purpose 2: Show more permissions metadata in the UI

      As a library I want to ...

      • expose additional permissions metadata to assist with managing permissions in the UI, including displayName *(in addition to translation value which is what is shown in the UI), *permissionName, description, subPermissions, childOf, moduleName and moduleVersion, and deprecated.

      Use Case:

      • A library upgrades to a new version of FOLIO that includes improvements in App A. They review the release notes, and see that app A has new permissions X and Y, and also see that app A is deprecating permissions A and B. By reviewing those permissions through the UI, they can:
        • view the description to understand what the new permissions do
        • they can view the subPermissions to understand if the new permissions grant permissions to other apps under the hood
        • for the deprecated permissions, they can review functionality and who has the permissions assigned to them, in order to decide what changes they need to make to use the new FOLIO app


      See Google doc User Permissions Management - New User Interface Proposal at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QaKLtxQE_bgg3Hq2r8OtkGhpmVyIj2nbCvcIkdqXcXw/edit?usp=sharing


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