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Check in - add permission control for backdating check ins



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      Current situation or problem

      FOLIO provides some loans permissions (view loans, renew loans, change due date, check out, overrides, etc.) based on existing endpoints. There are two needed permissions for loans / checkin that do not have associated endpoints:

      • Backdate check ins (as opposed to the current check in permission, which allows all users with that permission to backdate check ins)
      • check in claimed returned items (as opposed to the current check in permission, which allows all users with that permission to check in claimed returned items)

      Early on, there was a project decision that we needed to define a project-wide approach to action based permissions. However, that did not happen, and a further decision was made that individual features should be prioritized and proceed based on their app's individual needs. See the conversation on https://issues.folio.org/browse/UXPROD-1828

      This feature encompasses the first need - a permission control for backdating checkins.

      In scope

      Out of scope

      Use case(s)

      • A library closes on Friday nights, and opens on Saturday morning. They want staff who return books on Saturday morning to backdate the returns to Friday evening to avoid inadvertent fines, but they don't want staff who don't work the Saturday shift to be able to do so.

      Proposed solution/stories

      • There is no separate API for backdating. What happens is if you are able to set a date in the UI, check-in-by-barcode passes that date into the request as checkInDate. So in terms of the UI piece of this, one could either hide the backdate box completely if the permission isn't assigned to the logged-in user, or to make that box read-only.
      • It's unclear what changes might need to be made to accommodate this feature on the back-end. Check-in-by-barcode likely needs to be able to accept checkInDate in the past in order for patrons with that permission to be able to backdate returns.

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