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Improved management of reference data during upgrades - Proof of concept



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      Current situation or problem:
      The Technical Council (TC) was asked to help find a solution to a problem system operators were having regarding upgrades and reference data, specifically customized controlled vocabularies. The problem statement is described on the wiki . This feature covers the creation and testing of a proof of concept for the solution proposed by the TC subgroup (see below)

      In scope
      A platform-wide solution for an upgrade process with improved handling of reference data.

      • Proof of concept and technical design work

      Out of scope

      • Updates to core libraries & components: RMB / folio-spring-base / etc.
      • Developer facing and sysOps/Implementer facing documentation, upgrade guides etc.
      • External tooling to help facilitate resolution of conflicts between system-provided and customized reference data identified during the upgrade process.

      Use case(s)

      • Incomplete Reference Data Sets
        Consider that the set of material types available in a release may be insufficient. Imagine that ‘Blu-Ray’ is missing. A library tenant may then add a custom value for ‘Blu-Ray’ and furthermore assign it to resources in Inventory. But in the subsequent release Folio addresses the issue and provides its own ‘Blu-Ray’ material type. The two values are now in conflict.
      • Deleted or Suppressed Default Data Fields
        Consider that the Folio distribution might include a predefined, default, set of Loan Types. An individual library tenant may not find this entire set of loan types to be relevant. Perhaps the institution is a small public library with limited lending capabilities. In this case they may want to suppress or remove the presentation of loan types that are not relevant to them.
      • Customizing Field Labels
        Field labels may be customized for various reasons, including institutional conventions or local languages. Consider that a German Folio site wants to make a local change to labels: replacing "can circulate" with "ausleihbar" and not lose that change during an upgrade.

      Proposed solution/stories
      The solution proposed by the TC is described here.

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