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Add the ability to print MARC records from FOLIO UI



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      Be able to print MARC Bibliographic, Authority, and Holdings records, with decent formatting.

      Since there is not a UI for Source Record Storage (where the MARC records are stored), possible UI starting points might be:

      • Inventory View source
        • for MARC Bibs when Instance Source = MARC
        • for MARC Holdings when Holdings Source = MARC
      • MARC Authority app
        • for MARC Authority records
      • quickMARC Edit screen
        • for MARC Bib records
        • for MARC Holdings records
        • for MARC Authority records


      Adam Cottle
      Hello: I am curious about printing MARC records from within FOLIO. I know this has been asked before, but I did not see any resolution to the issue here in the Slack channel. I also don't see any open issues in the issue tracker. Thanks!!

      Charlotte Whitt:
      Here the jira feature UXPROD-2974
      Ability to Print/Save instance, holdings, item as PDF
      It's not ranked high right now by the libraries. Only 5 point at the latest Pointing Results for Kiwi Release

      Felix Hemme
      You can print MARC records from within the Inventory app if the source of the instance record is MARC. In the action menu, select "View source". The underlying MARC record from source record storage will open in a full screen view and can be printed with ctrl + p.

      Adam Cottle
      Thank you both for your responses. I have actually already tried the "view source" method, but it causes formatting issues when printing (cut-off text, etc). When using this method, the final product is like a screenshot from the browser. It is not formatted to fit onto an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper.
      I have also tried copying and pasting the text into a text editor and printing from there, but the problem with this approach is that some html comes across which must be deleted before printing. The staff in my department were quite vocal in their distaste for this method!! I have considered exporting MARC records in a batch and then printing from another program like MARCedit.
      I will keep an eye on the jira feature. Thanks again!

      Felix Hemme
      @charlotte Do we need to include "MARC" in UXPROD-2974 or make it a separate feature?

      Adam Cottle
      I came up with a work-around when printing the MARC record from the "view source" page. If you scale down the size of the print job, all of the text will fit onto a printed page. 75% worked for me.
      This is probably quite a trivial issue to some, but my cataloging department uses printed copies of MARC records as an integral part of our workflow. Personally, I hope that we move to a greener solution, but old habits die hard sometimes. I'm the new guy in the department, and they've been using these print-outs for years.

      Charlotte Whitt
      @Felix my thinking would be that print of MARC records (MARC Bibliographic, MARC Holdings, MARC Authority) should be a separate feature, while these live in SRS and not Inventory. I don't know if @ann-marie has added one yet

      Lloyd Chittenden
      Wouldn't this be a function of QuickMARC?

      Ann-Marie Breaux
      Hi all - interesting question of whether printing MARC records should be the purview of Inventory or quickMARC. There's no UI for Source Record Storage (where the MARC records live), so I think a print command would either need to be triggered from Inventory View source or quickMARC Edit screen. I'm kind of leaning toward QM edit screen, since Inventory will not have a UI for MARC authority records. I'll get with @kg and we'll flesh out this very brief draft feature I just created: UXPROD-3099

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