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Corresponding Data Import & SRS MARC Bib work required for Instance "Mark for deletion" - DRAFT



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      Very rough - very preliminary

      In UXPROD-3621, Inventory will add functionality to mark Instances for deletion. Several things still need to be decided:

      • Via an action menu option?
      • Displayed as a checked checkbox, but not editable on the Instance?
      • If marked, does that suppress the instance from regular search results?
      • Are any dependency checks done at the point the Instance is marked for deletion, or not until some future point, when the system actually starts deleting instances
      • Figure out how existing Instances will be handled (required or optional field)

      For source = MARC instances, Folijet will need to accomplish some or all of this work in the same release as UXPROD-3621. Some may be delayed until a future feature for "hard" deletes, but still TBD

      • Allow the user to set this in the Instance field mapping profile, like the other checkboxes at the top of the Instance?
      • Add as a new data element in the Instance schema?
      • When set in the Instance, should that flow over to SRS, like Suppress from discovery?
      • Does SRS need to add as an additional element in the SRS MARC Bib schema, like Suppress from discovery?
      • If added as a new data element, should SRS also set the MARC Leader position 5, as per best practices for OAI-PMH? Per magdaz, most helpful for OAI-PMH if SRS
        • Adds a field that stays in sync with the Instance Mark for deletion flag (parallel to the Suppress from Discovery flag) AND
        • Sets the MARC Leader byte 5 to "d" if the Instance is Marked for deletion
      • Can a user set/unset the mark for deletion flag by doing an import?
        • If yes, might need to add Field mapping logic that
          • If flag is set, the other 2 suppress flags are set
          • If flag is unset, the other 2 suppress flags are NOT unset
        • Like export a batch of records, and then re-import them just to change the flag?
        • And then when it has been marked in Inventory, the flag flows back to SRS MARC and changes the Leader byte 5
      • How does this relate to the DI Delete action, which we have not yet implemented? Should we hide it?
      • If DI is blocked from affecting these records, that is significant scope
      • Can some of this wait until the Instance soft deletes become Hard deletes?
        • When hard deletes, do we delete all versions of the SRS MARC? What would that do to logs?

      SME Slack channel (open): https://folio-project.slack.com/archives/C03KPLWJBLM
      Dev/PO Slack channel (private): https://folio-project.slack.com/archives/C03LB2VGRRU

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