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Create monitoring task for Data Import app



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      Update:  Approved as R1 2021 Hot Fix at Capacity Planning Team meeting on May 17, 2021.   If there isn't time, this will be included in Juniper.


      • Health check manager for whole Data Import process
      • This task extends that work to alert a configurable e-mail list if the monitor finds that Data import is no longer running
      • E-mail list (configurable)
        • [decide exactly who at PTF standup Weds]
      • Message should include
        • Message date and time stamp
        • Job number
        • File name
        • Job profile
        • Job start date and time
        • Job stop date and time (if it stopped)

      NOTE: Alert e-mails would go to hosting providers for live libraries, or library staff for self-hosted, or TBD for hosted ref envs and Bugfest

      Other questions/topics from 20200421 Folijet standup:

      • Allow external monitoring system to hookup messages from logs and notify users
      • MODSOURMAN-426 only monitors individual jobs that stop: monitor all of the DI flow and notify if it breaks or stops is a larger effort
      • Maybe just use hooks to pull AWS info
      • Topics to decide with DI Libraries
        • How frequently should it poll and can it be customized
        • Being able to notify a list of e-mails (customizable) when something breaks or stops
        • Should this automatically stop and log jobs as failed if they are still showing as running on the landing page, but stop activity after certain period of time?

      Week of 26 April: OleksiiKuzminov will arrange for Folijet and Spitfire to meet with mage.air to decide on a strategy and create stories. Discuss with kgambrell and abreaux and confirm team(s) by the end of the week.

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