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Display exact hit count from RMB



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    • Front End Estimate is the sum of work required for all affected modules and forms.
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      Current situation or problem:

      When running a search the front-end displays an estimated hit count.

      It should fetch and display the exact hit count that Raml-module-builder (RMB) can calculate since RMB v30.2.4 and v31.0.0 (RMB-673).

      In scope

      Back-end modules that are based on RMB.

      Out of scope

      Modules not based on RMB are out of scope.

      Using Solr, OpenSearch or Elastic Search is out of scope because it requires considerable effort to set up this additional search solution and requires a case-by-case decision whether a specific module should use it. See Technical Council discussions.

      Use case(s)

      All search forms that show a hit count along with the search result.

      Proposed solution/stories

      If totalRecords >= 1000 display "about {totalRecords}" and run a second query to fetch the exact hit count. As soon as the exact hit count has been returned replace the estimation by the exact count and remove the "about " prefix.

      No back-end work is needed because all RMB based back-end modules have already been upgraded to RMB >= v31.0.0.

      The front-end work is very small for a single form and small when summing up the work required for all affected modules and forms.

      Links to additional info

      Section "Estimated totalRecords" in RMB documentation: https://github.com/folio-org/raml-module-builder#estimated-totalrecords

      Key points:

      • If totalRecords is less that 1000 it is always exact.
      • Otherwise it is an estimation.
      • Use the "limit=0" parameter to fetch the exact hit count.
      • The 1000 threshold is configurable per module only, not per tenant, not per table, not per installation.


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