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FE: Effective location property on the holdings record



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      The back end work has been done for Iris (R1 2021) to accommodate the OAI-PMH work, UXPROD-2321. This feature is about implementation the UI display of the Effective location property in the top of the holdings record

      The purpose of this feature is to display the Holdings Effective Location, in the top of the holdings record, according to a similar algorithm as defined for the Item Effective Location.

      The primary use case is to assure that a computed location is available for holdings that do not have items.

      But, given that items may be moved off and on holdings during tech services workflows, having a value that only exists in certain use cases may lead to inconsistent search / UI / data behavior. The strong preference from the SME group was to have the holdings effective location value always be present, even if items are on the record.

      Use cases where a holdings effective location would be used include:

      • special collection materials
        • sometimes item records may be added later (when cataloging is complete) but the holdings record should be visible in discovery before that point
        • sometimes item information is maintained in another system of record, like AEON or ArchiveSpace, and not in the ILS;
      • electronic items (eBooks, journals, databases)
        • these items don't circulate and don't really have physical equivalents, so many libraries don't create item records since the work doesn't seem to be needed;
        • if libraries plan to rely on FOLIO for a discovery layer extract, they want electronic holdings to be in Inventory;
        • if libraries want those electronic holdings to be discoverable in a discovery layer with a location facet (e.g., location = "Online"), then the holding record needs location information
      • other materials
        • microfilm - since patrons generally don't have microfilm readers at home, microfilm usually doesn't circulate, so many libraries did not create item records for them
        • periodicals (single and bound) - because libraries don't want journals to leave the building because they are expensive and can be hard to replace, they usually do not circulate, and so don't have item records.
        • government documents - similarly, because they don't generally leave the building, they don't circulate, and so may not have item records.


      • Create an attribute that is on the holdings record for the Holdings Effective Location that is a computed value, based on the values in the holdings permanent location and/or holdings temporary location, as follows.
      Holdings Permanent Location Holdings Temporary Location Holdings Effective Location
      A   A
      Holdings Permanent Location Holdings Temporary Location Holdings Effective Location
      A B B

      Other notes

      The holdings effective location will not be used in any circulation workflows, since circulation requires an item record, and those workflows are already reliant on the item effective location which has already been built. That means no changes are needed to the circulation rules system.

      Search / filter needs in Inventory

      In Inventory, library staff will want to be able to filter to find all the things in a given location. The MM SIG (in consultation with other SIGs) will need to decide how holdings location search should behave with the addition of the holdings effective location attribute.

      Right now (Honeysuckle and Iris), the location search options (as separate filters) in the holdings pane are

      • Effective Location (items)
      • Holdings Permanent Location

      In discussion with the SMEs who have helped flesh this out in asynchronous discussion, they were comfortable with two possibilities for changing to search on the Holdings pane, including:

      • Option 1
        • Effective Location (holdings)
        • Holdings Permanent Location
      • Option 2
        • Effective Location (item)
        • Effective Location (holdings)
          So both scenarios would add a search for effective location (holdings), but may end up removing the option on the Holdings pane to search Effective location (items).

      Additional functionality that will be needed (added in additional features)

      • Support for OAI-PMH for institutions that will rely on that functionality to support discovery layer integration (see comments from TAMU, MSU)
      • In reports, filters to find all the things in a given location

      Further questions

      Is there something on a holdings record that automatically tells you if the holdings record has associated items? Is that what holdingsItems is?

      Discussed in MM SIG meeting on 2020-03-12
      Follow-up discussion on location filtering from 2020-03-19: https://wiki.folio.org/display/MM/2020-03-19+Metadata+Management+Meeting+notes

      Discussed January 2021 in temporary Slack channel #holdings-without-items
      Discussed January 2021 in RA SIG channel (sharing for input)

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