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NFR: Inventory. Swap from search tool PostgreSQL to Elasticsearch



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      Current situation or problem: Inventory app is currently using the technical approach using PostgreSQL, JSONB columns, CQL and RAML Module Builder. This approach has been time consuming to develop, and add supporting search indexes, and cumbersome to improve with precise result counts and a performance expected by the users.

      New ideas and suggestions about exploring replacement of PostgreSQL with Elasticsearch was decided by the Technical Council, Autumn 2020.

      If Elasticsearch is approved (Spring 2021), then the idea is to make Elasticsearch a FOLIO wide search approach, and having the technology implemented in Inventory, Orders, Users, Request, etc.
      Here link to the POC Overview (April 2021) - https://wiki.folio.org/display/DD/Inventory+Search+-+POC+Overview.
      And link to the POC evaluators report - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qaWK-jLKByynlVtCHg761QQJBmyKLqPFZDb3SBfXOag/edit#heading=h.mzcbjmtxclv3

      In scope:

      1. Inventory app - swapping PostgreSQL with Elastic Search
      2. Deprecate the POC app Inventory ES
      3. Filters using ES facets to be migrated to the existing Inventory app. Facets provide a significant improvement to the existing Inventory search functionality

      Out of scope:
      Implementation in other apps.

      Use case(s):
      As a staff user I search in Inventory, and my search performs fast, and returns relevant and precise results, which I then can access for doing my further work, CRUD, and misc. record management

      Proposed solution/stories:
      Proposed Inventory Search MVP Kiwi release.docx
      Timeline: Kiwi (and possible some work to be postponed to Lotus).

      Links to additional info
      Searching in Inventory: https://wiki.folio.org/display/FOLIOtips/Searching
      Elasticsearch: https://wiki.folio.org/display/DD/Search


      • What is the impact on automated tests? How many will need to be revised?
      • When a change is needed to search, which team(s) will do the work?

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