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Courses: Implement Tags for Courses



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      Current situation or problem: Libraries do not have an easy way to group courses for easy searching and reporting beyond existing fields. Supporting tags would allow libraries the ability to apply their own categorization and grouping to courses for specific needs.

      In scope

      • Implementing tags on the courselisting record (so that they are shared between crosslisted courses)
      • Implementing a UI filter to search by tag in the Courses pane (similar to implementation in Users)

      Out of scope

      Use case(s)

      • Applying a grouping to courses beyond the basic location level (e.g., if a university has three campuses, you could use tags to show which course was on which campus geographically, while using the location field on the course to then show the library location for the items)
      • Applying a grouping to courses for use in extracting data for a discovery layer (e.g., apply a tag for courses that take place in a particular building, and then extract those courses for display on a touchscreen monitor in the building)

      Proposed solution/stories

      Links to additional info
      Per discussion in the SIG, this feature is being recorded as a need, but blocked by the lack of permission and editing controls around the current implementation of tags.
      Note that there is a separate jira for adding tags for course reserve items, since those are a different record type. UXPROD-3007


      • Should duplicating a course duplicate the course's associated tags?

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