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Courses: Implement Notes for Courses



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      Current situation or problem:
      Currently, the Courses app has no way to associate a free-form note with a course or courselisting. Course Reserves staff need a note field to track information such as faculty things to know, information about a course's delivery history, and other information.

      We'd like to implement the Notes helper module within Courses to facilitate using it for these purposes.

      The Note should be linked to the course listing, so that it appears across a course listed object.

      In scope

      • implementation of the notes helper module in the Courses app
      • display of an accordion for Notes on the Course view, below the term, and above the list of items
      • the ability to assign notes to other courses (e.g., we know assigning is turned off in Users, but we want it turned on in Courses)
      • when a course with one or more notes is duplicated, the note(s) on the course being duplicated are assigned to the new duplicated course(s)

      Out of scope

      Use case(s)

      • Tracking information for staff on a course's history, such as special faculty requests and names of additional contacts for the course who are not instructors but may be helping with course reserves
      • Storing additional information for tracking on a course, like a log of communication about copyright payments

      Proposed solution/stories

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