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Implement baseline shortcut keys for acquisitions apps



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      Note: This feature was split from UXPROD-2891 to make it easier to prioritize these improvements for acquisitions apps

      Each FOLIO app should support these baseline shortcut keys (when applicable).

      Baseline shortcut keys list

      Action OS shortcut Windows shortcut
      Create a new record Option + n alt + n
      Duplicate a record Option + c alt + c
      Edit a record cmd + Option + e ctrl + alt + e
      Save a record cmd + s ctrl + s
      Expand all accordions cmd + Option + b ctrl + alt + b
      Collapse all accordions cmd + Option + g ctrl + alt + g
      Go to Search & Filter pane cmd + Option + h ctrl + alt + h

      Each app must implement

      1. Above shortcut keys. Review documentation (https://github.com/folio-org/stripes-components/tree/master/lib/Commander)
      2. Implement dropdown that displays an option to view keyboard shortcuts list
      3. Shortcuts list will display as a modal

      Implementation details

      • Must select one app to implement. NOTE: Users app already has shortcut keys implemented just need the display of shortcut keys in a modal implemented.
      • Once implemented, developer must announce on stripes-update channel. This implementation will serve as a pattern for all apps.
      • PO for the first app to have keyboard shortcuts list display implemented will present to POs and provide requirement/implementation details

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