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Cornell Library - Table-Driven Bursar Item Types for Fees/Fines



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      Current situation or problem

      Cornell Library needs a table-driven way to manage Cornell Bursar Item Types and Item Descriptions, including a UI to manage these values. This feature is a follow-on to https://issues.folio.org/browse/UXPROD-2862 , which relies on hard-coded item types and descriptions.

      In scope

      1. Create table to store the fields: bursar item type, bursar description, bursar item code (having only the values "Charge" or "Payment"), fee/fine owner, fee/fine type. These are all varchar (variable-length text) fields. The specific values are listed in the attached spreadsheet file, "New Bursar Library Item Types Table pr52.xlsx". The table should also track who updated the values and when, using standard FOLIO field names / types for that.
      2. Create a user interface to manage all values in the table. The proper location of the form is uncertain at the moment, but in the form, bursar item type and bursar description should be free-text fields. Bursar item code, fee/fine owner, and fee/fine type should be pull-down lists. The fee/fine owner pull-down list would be populated by the existing fee/fine owner list managed in Settings > Users > Fee/Fine: Owners. Users should have a way to modify the values fee/fine type as well, perhaps adding that to Settings > Users > Fee/Fine.
      3. Permissions: The table-driven UI should be usable only by users who have access to the other bursar-related features.




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