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Make Request cancellation field requirement of "Additional information for Patron" configurable in settings



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      Current situation or problem:

      When cancelling a request, the modal prompts the FOLIO user to choose a cancellation reason, and to provide additional information for patrons.

      The list of cancellation reasons is configured in Settings > Circulation, with one value hardcoded that cannot be deleted in the UI ("Other"). Libraries can add additional cancellation reasons that work for them.

      Currently, whether the "Additional information for patron" field is required is hardcoded. For the value of "Other", it is required - for any values that libraries added to the tenant, it is optional.

      Instead of the hardcoded behavior, we'd like libraries to be able to configure if "Additional information for patron" is a required field for any/all request cancellation reasons on the tenant.

      In scope

      • Add a column in Settings > Circulation > Request cancellation reasons labeled "Additional information for patron required?" with a drop-down setting of "yes/no", defaulting to no,
      • Add functionality to the modal that appears in the Requests app when cancelling a request such that the "Additional information for patron" field is optional or required, depending on the setting for the cancellation reason name.

      Out of scope

      • Changes to the backend - in the request schema, and the request cancellation reason schema, the "additional information for patron" is optional. Only the UI is enforcing this behavior, so this should be UI only.

      Use case(s)

      • A library has a cancellation reason of "Cancelled at patron request"; the cancellation reason is enough info, so they don't want the additional information box to be required. But they have another reason - "Item no longer available" - where they want the add'l info box to be required.

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