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Ability to Print/Save instance, holdings, item as PDF



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      Current situation or Problem: If printing by using the build in browser printing functionality the you get only page 1 of instance, holdings, item. The display is not even defined on what you see on your screen, if e.g. using a large monitor. The intention is to follow a FOLIO wide approach for General printing of records and data from the different FOLIO apps, as discussed at the App Interaction SIG meetings on 2020-09-18 and 2020-09-23.

      In scope: Allow users to save orders as PDF for the purpose of sharing order data with colleagues or other external stakeholders.

      Out of scope:

      Use case(s):
      Use cases:
      1) For physically routing problem materials. A concise printout of bib/holdings/items (or holdings/items) that can be written on and then tucked into a book and placed on someone's desk is invaluable.
      2) For when an item record is needed for troubleshooting / finding out in stacks, away from a computer.
      3) For when a physical piece of paper needs to be filed in a filing cabinet. In special collections we file physical pieces of paper for regulatory compliance, for insurance purposes, and for donor relations. These pieces of paper add up and having a concise printout that doesn't take up too much space really helps.
      4) To take with you for when you are someplace on campus with no wi-fi.
      5) Because the reality is that sometimes hitting the print icon (1 click) when you come across a record that you need for later or that you need to give to someone else is easier than copying down the bib identifier or taking a screen shot (and taking screen shots can use up your storage space).
      6) For when a list of items, call numbers, etc., will be given to another person to work on, especially if the person is a student. Sometimes it’s easier to read a printed list and mark off records completed, and we may not want students reading their email while at work. [print results list from Inventory search]
      7) After a research in Inventory for a patron (list of literature), the result list of the search result (middle pane) should be printable. Would be nice to choose which information (fields) is displayed in the result list and then printed. In general being able to print the result list (middle pane) in other apps as well would be of benefit.

      Proposed solution/stories:
      Base the solution on learning lessons and decisions coming out of the SPIKE done for Order/POL lines - https://wiki.folio.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=59933161

        • Ability to save individual records instance, holdings, item to pdf
        • Ability to save instance with associated holdings, and item to pdf
        • PDF detail must include all relevant detail

      Links to additional info:
      Document Use Cases for Printing in FOLIO (all apps) - https://docs.google.com/document/d/17yBc6YvJqjmoiu-GVTxxn4isesE_XX2dgHqCudn2Um8/edit#heading=h.9k9xay3sb9eq


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