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Union Catalog support



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      Configure a single catalog that allows holdings/items that contain library identifiers that represent all libraries in the collective. The catalog allows libraries and patrons to borrow and transact from each organization and borrowers to determine status in each of the libraries. By default each library can view their own sub-catalog with the option to see holding/item for parts or the entire union.

      One option (planned for v1):

      • Multi-institution tenant. Not a cross-tenant feature.
      • Would want to scope permissions to location - current understanding is that permissions are scoped to processing center, but maybe we can change that...
      • What about other metadata elements that might need to differ based on location (e.g. patron group)
      • Workaround might be to give them different logins could even do a kludgey linking of records by extending the proxy linking capabilities
      • First version, patron group will not be location-specific
      • Need to be able to filter inventory and codex by institution location - but location filter is already planned

      Option two:

      • Cross-tenant functionality

      Per WOLFcon discussion on single-tenant consortia implementation, permission scoping is not required for v1. No other data needs to differ based on location (with the exception of loan policies and patron notices which are both tied to location via loan rules). Some users may have to have >1 user record, but this is okay. Given that, I am marking this feature post-v1. NOTE: It was deemed important, though, that each institution support >1 time zone. I have created a separate feature for this UXPROD-592

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