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INN-Reach: Support Multiple Agencies on the Same Local Server



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      Current situation or problem:

      Multiple distinct institutions, with their own collections, patrons, and circulation rules/policies can share the same local server in an INN-Reach consortium. They are distinguished by their agency, in INN-Reach parlance. The INN-Reach integration in FOLIO needs to support multiple agencies on the same local server.

      In scope

      • How to attribute agencies to:
        • Users/Patrons
        • Items
        • Locations

      Out of scope

      Use case(s)

      • When a patron places a request via INN-Reach, their agency code is passed to the owning site to create the item hold.
      • When a Patron hold is created at the borrowing site, the item's agency code is passed to the borrowing site
      • Agency code must be included in the item records contributed to the central server.

      Proposed solution/stories

      • Add setting to map FOLIO locations (shelving locations, libraries, campuses, or institutions) to an INN-Reach agency code. (should probably be managed as a list of agencies on the local server in INN-Reach settings)
      • Create a custom field (for HOME LIBRARY, IR Agency, etc.) on user records and map values to agency codes via settings. Users without a value in this field should be considered invalid for the purposes of patron verification.

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