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Run open transactions check w/o deletion (API, Single user)



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      Use case: As a library, we receive exmatriculation notifications through our campus ID system. We want to deactivate exmatriculated users in Folio but do not want to delete them immediately (for report reasons and given reactivation period). But we want to make sure the user doesn't have any open transaction in the library when they leave the university. If there are open transactions, we want to notify the user based on some sort of report or logfile for a quick clearing up. For this reason, the transaction check (previously called dependency check) must also be possible independently of the deletion of the user record. Transaction check on user deletion process is part of https://issues.folio.org/browse/UXPROD-2728.

      Requirement: As a system administrator with API access, I would like to run a transaction check (previously called dependency check) for a particular user {userId}. The transaction check shall include:

      •     open loans
      •     open requests
      •     unpaid fees/fines
      •     unexpired proxy
      •     manual blocks (automated should be covered by open loans or fees/fines)

      The user can be active or inactive. I need a report of open transactions for further processing in the service unit. This report is also part of MODUIMP-33.

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