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Handle Checkout of INN-Reach Items by Patron at Borrowing Site



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      Current situation or problem:

      When an item requested through INN-Reach from another local server and the item is received by the borrowing site, it is checked in and placed on the hold shelf for pickup by the requesting patron. If the patron picks up the item, it should be circulated to the patron using the standard FOLIO circulation flows (mod-circulation) and the loanId of the resulting loan should be stored in the INN-Reach transaction record in mod-innreach (UXPROD-2794) to maintain a link between the loan and the INN-Reach circulation transaction.

      In scope

      • Determining a UI approach for handling check-out
      • API endpoints in mod-innreach to implement these transactions
      • Enhancements to mod-circulation to support an event-driven implementation of this functionality

      Out of scope

      • Handling renewals
      • Check-in of INN-Reach items at borrowing site

      Use case(s)

      Proposed solution/stories

      Thin Thread:

      Create a screen in the INN-Reach UI app that duplicates the existing Check Out application. When an INN-Reach item is picked up, library staff will switch to this "mode" and process the loan as a typical loan transaction:

      1. Scan in patron barcode or look up patron.
      2. Scan item barcode.

      The UI/Backend will then:

      1. Look up the INN-Reach transaction for that item
      2. Execute a check out by barcode transaction via mod-circulation
      3. Store the resulting loanId in the INN-Reach transaction record retrieved in step 1

      If more than one INN-Reach item is being picked up, scan the next item barcode and repeat UI/Backend steps 1-3.

      If no INN-Reach transaction is found for the item (i.e. the item is an item owned by the borrowing site), process this item as a normal loan.

      The check out session should expire after the configured timeout period, or be ended manually by the operator to trigger relevant notices.

      Ideal solution:

      Using the standard check out app in FOLIO, when a staff member attempts to check out an INN-Reach item to the borrowing patron, mod-circulation would publish an event to message queue to which mod-innreach could subscribe and determine if the loan is of an item/patron combination for which it has an open transaction. If so, mod-innreach would store the loanId in the INN-Reach transaction record as described in the thin-thread story above for future reference.

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