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Print/Save order and order lines as PDF



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    • There are some questions regarding implementing all requirements via HTML templates and we have not yet done a POC for this approach. This will be implemented with only FE work. If the template can be simple it could be smaller.
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      NOTE: This work was split from UXPROD-1129 as a thin thread for allowing institutions to get the order out of folio as a PDF. This work will be leveraged by UXPROD-1129 but must be done first.

      Purpose: Allow users to save orders as PDF for the purpose of sharing order data with vendors or other external stakeholders.

      Use cases:
      1) For the acquisition method "Purchase" generally the user is required to send order information to the vendor. When no other electronic integration exists (Eg. EDIFACT). The user will email this information with a response that will included information from the order record.
      2) User has an urgent rush order and does not want to wait for the overnight integration to trigger. The order is not actually attached as a PDF.
      3) When the automated transmission of the order was not completed successfully or sufficiently the user may need to resend.
      4) When the library needs to fax order information they can be printed from the system and faxed to a single vendor.
      5) Communication/email is based on context from the order. Users may vary information in email for rush orders vs regular orders when communicating with a certain vendor. This response may need to be printed or saved as a PDF for archiving and VERY rarely to be sent via post.



        • Ability to save order or order lines to PDF
        • PDF detail must include all relevant detail




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