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Data Import: Add Administrative note to Instance, Holdings, and Items



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      Once UXPROD-2867 is implemented in Inventory, adjust Data Import to accommodate Admin notes in Instance, Holdings, and Item records:

      • Administrative note is a repeatable field, with no pre-defined reference data (analogous to Item record Former identifier field)
      • Field mappings should allow
        • Default value
        • 1 or more MARC fields (e.g. 050$a " " 050$b)
        • Cascade of MARC fields ending with a default value (e.g. 090$a " " 090$b; else 050$a " " 050$b; else "TEST")
      • Create/edit screen for Instance field mapping
      • View screen for Instance field mapping
      • Create/edit screen for Holdings field mapping
      • View screen for Holdings field mapping
      • Create/edit screen for Item field mapping
      • View screen for Item field mapping
      • Add UI story to doublecheck existing profiles, and that the admin note appears as a new blank field on the edit screen and view screen
      • Add (or update existing?) E-to-E tests
        • Creates (all 3 record types)
        • Updates (all 3 record types, different repeated action for each record type)


      • The Administrative note is not controlled by an underlying SRS MARC record, so
        • It should be editable regardless whether the Instance or Holdings Source = FOLIO or MARC
        • No changes required for the MARC Bib-to-Inventory Instance or MARC Holdings-to-Inventory Holdings default profiles
      • Update schemas for all 3 record types
      • New Karate tests
      • Add BE story to doublecheck to see if any migration script is needed
      • Schema migration and testing

      Out of scope

      • Do not add Admin note to match options for Instance/Holdings/Note (confirmed at DI Subgroup mtg 9 Feb 2022)

      Other details from UXPROD-2867

      Current situation or problem: Libraries need to enter notes that describe decisions, why they were made, variations from standard procedures, etc. The Inventory Instance notes are often controlled by the underlying MARC record, and they relate to the bibliographic description. This note field would live in the administrative section of the record and would not be controlled by any underlying source record. It may be useful to include in Instances, Holdings, and Items. By far, the highest priority is Instances, followed by Holdings, followed by Items.

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