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Implement baseline shortcut keys



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      Each FOLIO app should support these baseline shortcut keys (when applicable).

      Baseline shortcut keys list

      Action OS shortcut Windows shortcut
      Create a new record Option + n alt + n
      Duplicate a record Option + c alt + c
      Edit a record cmd + Option + e ctrl + alt + e
      Save a record cmd + s ctrl + s
      Expand or collapse an accordion spacebar spacebar
      Expand all accordions cmd + Option + b ctrl + alt + b
      Collapse all accordions cmd + Option + g ctrl + alt + g
      Go to Search & Filter pane cmd + Option + h ctrl + alt + h
      Close a modal or pop-up esc esc
      Copy cmd + c ctrl + c
      Cut cmd + x ctrl + x
      Paste cmd + v ctrl + v
      Find cmd + f ctrl + f
      View keyboard shortcuts list cmd + option + k ctrl + alt + k

      Each app must implement

      1. Above shortcut keys. Review documentation (https://github.com/folio-org/stripes-components/tree/master/lib/Commander)
      2. Implement dropdown that displays an option to view keyboard shortcuts list
      3. Shortcuts list will display as a modal

      Implementation details

      • Must select one app to implement. NOTE: Users app already has shortcut keys implemented just need the display of shortcut keys in a modal implemented.
      • Once implemented, developer must announce on stripes-update channel. This implementation will serve as a pattern for all apps.
      • PO for the first app to have keyboard shortcuts list display implemented will present to POs and provide requirement/implementation details

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