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Add a second toolbar for language selection, service point selection, settings and branding



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      Current situation or problem:
      The FOLIO user interface lacks a universal ability to change the user interface language. Additionally, the option to change the service point is a click away under the user menu and settings are in a separate app. Lastly, there is not a location for branding by the library organization or the FOLIO service provider.

      In scope

      Out of scope

      Use case(s)

      1. As a FOLIO user,
        • I want to quickly switch the interface language,
          • So that a shared computer at a service point can quickly change between languages.
      2. As a FOLIO user overseeing multiple service points,
        • I want to quickly change the service point,
          • So I can more easily perform circulation and acquisition functions on behalf of a branch library.
      3. As a FOLIO user,
        • I want to reduce the clicks it takes to get to app settings,
          • So I can use the FOLIO apps more efficiently.
      4. As an organization using FOLIO or as a FOLIO service provider,
        • I want to see branding on the user interface,
          • So I can more easily distinguish my library or promote myself as a service provider.

      Proposed solution/stories
      As part of work on FOLIO-2802, Knowledgeware has created mockups and working code that has these capabilities. See the added toolbar at the top of this screenshot:

      You can also see the development work-in-progress at http://folio-testing.maktabat-guides.com/ (Username / Password): kware_test / kware_test

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