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Remote storage: Deaccessioning



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      Current situation or problem: Initial iterations of remote storage work did not include Deaccessioning

      In scope: Deaccessioning items for Dematic EMS and CaiaSoft

      Use case(s): Removing items from a collection permanently is a regular part of library workflows

      Proposed solution/stories

      • Dematic (EMS): offers a way to delete single items or batches of items, but Delete Items is purely an EMS function and not part of the FOLIO integration. However it involves custom code that must be retained alongside any changes or updates to EMS.
      • Dematic (StagingDirector): has Inventory Delete message, which is sent by ILS when an item is changed from a status of "in storage" to “on shelf”. It indicates that the item is no longer in storage and is the means by which a SKU is removed from the StagingDirector database.
      • Caiasoft: has a request type “DEA” (Deaccession), sent by ILS to Caiasoft and changes item status there to “DEA”.
      • For the first step it might be enough to handle items removal manually. Deaccession flow also can be treated the same as FOLIO-initiated accession flow with the next differences:
        • Triggered only by changing permanent item’s location from remote to non-remote.
        • Checks that item is out of the storage before deaccession. Removing an item from the database before it was physically retrieved makes it impossible to pull out an item in future.

      Links to additional info
      Vision doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kMTq4D6PBWsTrEOsn-GIUgFt7vbGKxA2/edit#

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