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Remote storage: Reports



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    • Moving mod-audit module to spring is included into high-level estimation as it is a pre-requisite for this feature
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      Current situation or problem: The first iterations of remote storage integration did not include reports

      In scope: Exception reports for Dematic StagingDirector, Dematic EMS and CaiaSoft

      Use case(s):

      • Status inconsistencies:
        Item was accessioned in status other than “Available” or “In transit”
        Item statuses in Remote Storage and FOLIO don’t match
        Remote Storage shows item is IN, but FOLIO status is not “Available”
        Remote Storage shows item is OUT, but FOLIO status not “Available”
      • Location inconsistencies:
        No information available to determine what the location should be
        Holding’s permanent location doesn’t match to items’ permanent locations (ignore for empty items’ locations)
        Item’s location is remote, but it is not found in the Remote Storage
        Item is available in the Remote Storage, but none of associated item locations is remote
      • Job failures:
        Accession job failures (server errors and rejected items)
        Retrieval request failures (server errors and rejected requests)
      • Other:
        Barcode is changed on the FOLIO side for the item stored remotely
        New holding was created as a result of accession
        Holding was left without items as a result of accession

      Links to additional info
      Vision doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kMTq4D6PBWsTrEOsn-GIUgFt7vbGKxA2/edit#
      Reporting requirements: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IBhLYsihk-lZ9mh9TTP2lr1sLZf-W9agu7IqLABRxmE/edit?usp=sharing

      Report configuration requirements

       Configuration settings for Reports

      • Notifications
        • Notification for less frequent reports would be nice, no notifications for frequent reports
        • Configurable notifications ideal
        • Link in notification would be nice
      • Permissions for report writing?
        • Credentials (GVSU)
      • Data retention
        • 15 months (default)
        • Other
      • Optional data fields
      • Call number
      • Chronology
      • Enumeration
      • Item depository ID
      • Loan status
      • Location
      • New collection
      • New loan status
      • New location 
      • Manual/ad hoc
      • Automated
        • Daily
        • Weekly
        • Monthly
        • Annually

      Notes: mod-audit should be necessarily refactored according Spring Way approach for this feature.

      Interested parties: pwanninger

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