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Add Administrative note to Instance, Holdings, and Items



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      Current situation or problem: Libraries need to enter notes that describe decisions, why they were made, variations from standard procedures, etc. The Inventory Instance notes are often controlled by the underlying MARC record, and they relate to the bibliographic description. This note field would live in the administrative section of the record and would not be controlled by any underlying source record. It may be useful to include in Instances, Holdings, and Items. By far, the highest priority is Instances, followed by Holdings, followed by Items.

      This could be a thin thread option in advance of (or in addition to) UXPROD-2863

      In scope

      • Repeatable, free text field labeled "Administrative note" that is located in the Administrative accordion of the Instance, Holdings, and Item
      • Would not be controlled by any underlying source record, but could be created/updated by Data import (similar to the Instance status field)
      • Data element needs to be available for reporting purposes

      Out of scope

      • No "note type" settings for this note. (Any existing Inventory note type settings would not apply to these Administrative notes)
      • Would also require supporting changes in Data Import and Data Export
      • Search (for now) and filter on this field

      Use case(s):

      1. As a cataloger, I want to record, in my instance record, the date, my userid, and the type of cataloging performed (e.g., original, original + pcc, copy, complex copy, etc.). This information should be available to reporting tools as well as eye-readable. I want to do this directly in the Inventory app, not in quickMARC as my record may or may not have an underlying source.
      2. As a technical services staff member, I want to record the date that a holdings record needs to be removed from the catalog for temporary access materials. I need to be able to report on this date. If my holdings has underlying MARC data, I need to be able to record this in an Inventory field (not using quickMARC).

      Proposed solution/stories:

      Adding a new data element to the Instance, Holdings and Item record, labelled Administrative note. The data element is to be implemented as a repeatable, not required data element. In the UI the data element will be implemented as a text area data element. 

      Links to additional info MM Productivity Stats Vision (this is "medium term solution" proposed there)

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