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Cornell Library's go-live requirements to transfer fees/fines to the Cornell bursar system



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      Current situation or problem: Cornell Library needs to be able to transfer fees/fines to the bursar when they go live with FOLIO in Summer 2021. UXPROD-105 (Automated Transfer of fees/fines to bursar or other account) will not be completed on time, so Cornell is paying EPAM developers to develop what they need at go-live. Most of what is being developed will be reusable by UXPROD-105.

      In scope

      1. Create module to identify fees/fines meeting Cornell’s criteria (which is any active student fees/fines that have been outstanding for more than 9 days) and create fee/fine ‘action’ record for each transfer (see the manual Transfer fee/fine process for more information--this is needed to document that the patron’s fee/fine has been transferred and so that Cornell is able to balance fees/fines)
      2. Create module to generate machine readable extract in format Cornell’s Bursar system needs.
      3. Facilitate scheduling of modules to run daily (or at other interval) at a set time.
      4. Facilitate production of list of previous extracts and ability to download selected file.
      5. Verify that Circulation Log includes Transfer ‘actions’ (it does for manual transfers, and should automatically pick up automated transfers).
      6. Stop scheduled patron notices from being sent after the fees/fines have been transferred to the bursar.

      Out of scope

      1. Incorporating the manually transferred fees/fines into the extract. Cornell does not need to be able to transfer individual fees/fines manually. Only the daily bulk extract is needed.
      2. Generating of patron notices is not included because Cornell does not currently send notices for transfers and doesn't plan to do so after migrating to FOLIO.
      3. Creating a log of transferred fees/fines--the Circulation Log will meet this need, plus we will have a copy of each extract to refer back to.
      4. Processing of rejected transfers--this will be handled manually by Cornell Library staff.
      5. Notifying the Bursar of refunded fees/fines—this will be handled manually via the refund report initially (separate UXPROD feature is UXPROD-1879).

      Questions for Michelle Hubbell (answered January 12, 2020)

      1. Is criteria correct: Students with open fee/fine created more than 9 days ago? Yes. Students must be Active.
      2. Which patron groups make up 'students'? Undergraduate, Graduate, CU Undergraduate, CU Graduate (the last two may not be migrated to FOLIO; not sure yet; there aren't many).
      3. If sending notices is not included in the API, is it enough to add a note at the bottom of all 'charge' notices indicating that any student fees/fines not paid within 9 days will be transferred to the bursar? This is what CUL already does. They do not send a notice when fees/fines are transferred. We will continue with this approach.
      4. Does Cornell need to be able to send single transfers? No, have never done that and don't plan on doing that in FOLIO.

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