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eUsage harvest summary and results



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      Purpose: When usage is harvested, eUsage will try to make a match between the title in the usage report and a title in the KB. If a match cannot be found, the user needs to have a way to create a match manually. We also need to provide a way for users to view and edit existing matches in case they are incorrect. The system should remember manual matches and edits for future loads.

      Harvest Workflow:

      1. A COUNTER report is uploaded to the eUsage app (either manually or through an automated harvest)
      2. The data in the report is processed and stored according to UXPROD-2859
      3. The outcome of the matching process is displayed on the "Matching Summary" section of the eUsage provider record 

      Editing matches workflow

      1. The user clicks on the "view/edit results" link
      2. The user is taken to a detailed view of the harvest results that includes a list of titles and their match status
      3. The user can click on the "create match" or "edit match" links for each title to change the link between the eUsage title and a KB title
      4. When the user clicks this link, a pop up window will open that displays a KB search screen.
      5. The user can search for a title in the KB and select it.
      6. The selected KB title will be matched to the selected eUsage record.
        1. If no match was previously available, it will be added
        2. If a previous match was in place, it will be replaced
      7. The user also has the option to ignore a match – in other words, to say they do not want to match it or continue reviewing it in the future.


      **Mockups with workflow annotations can be found at: https://wiki.folio.org/display/RM/eUsage+Reports+Harvest+Summary+and+Results

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