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Parse and store structured usage data



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      Purpose: The eUsage app currently stores raw COUNTER files, but does not convert the COUNTER data into structured data that can be used throughout FOLIO. We will need to extend mod-erm-usage to include tables that will store COUNTER data at the title level, as well as identifiers that will allow us to create connections to a local KB or E-holdings title.


      1. A COUNTER report is uploaded to the eUsage app (either manually or through an automated harvest)
      2. Each title in the report is compared against the titles already stored in eUsage
      3. If a match occurs in eUsage, the new statistics are added to the existing title record
      4. If no match occurs in eUsage, the system attempts to match the title to a record in the local holdings KB and a create a new title record in eUsage
      5. If the title cannot be matched to the KB, it is reported for manual matching
      6. The reports of the harvest job are made available to the user for review and clean up


      1. What COUNTER report types are being stored in the eUsage app? COUNTER master reports, which contain all possible data
      2. Will all types of COUNTER reports need this treatment? Or only those that are specifically being used for visualizations and downloads? Only the master reports are currently stored and need to be parsed.
      3. Do we need to allow users to choose the local KB or the E-Holdings KB for this process? Or can we just focus on the local KB for now given that EBSCO is doing their own integration for E-Holdings? We will focus only on the local KB within ERM; E-holdings is out of scope.

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