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Display related instance information on POL



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      Current situation or problem:
      The order app allows a user to connect instance records to orders in order to facilitate order and receiving workflows. Currently the user is unable to easily identify what orders are connected to what instances. Particularly when an order line may relate to multiple instances. Eg. a Package POL

      In scope
      Display a new accordion on the POL record called "Linked instances"
      Display a table of related instances within that accordion
      Display Instance data in table from inventory record

      Out of scope

      Use case(s)
      User is reviewing an order to determine what content they may sacrifice by cancelling that order.

      Proposed solution/stories
      Order app will retrieve instance information on the fly using Instance UUID from the POL

      Links to additional info

      Should this information be displayed for each POL and the PO as a whole?
      Is it necessary to display for individual POLs given the above use case?
      Is there other information from the instance that must display in the table?

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