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API for MARCcat to assign Instance and Holdings HRIDs to newly-created MARCcat records



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      Current situation or problem:
      When a new SRS MARC Bibliographic record is created via Data Import, SRS waits for the Instance to be created in Inventory. As part of creating that Instance, Inventory assigns the next available Instance HRID, and then returns that to SRS. Then SRS adds that Inventory HRID as the 001 of the SRS MARC Bib record. The Instance HRID is assigned based on the library's prefix settings in Settings/Inventory/HRID handling, plus a sequential number list, maintained in Inventory.

      MARCcat is unable to follow this process, and is unable to assign a dummy record number to a new MARC record until the Instance HRID can be obtained. MARCcat would like an API so that it can access the next Instance HRID to be assigned (with its appropriate prefix, as noted in the Inventory settings), and assign it to a MARC Bib being created in MARCcat. Once that Instance HRID is assigned, it will also:

      1. Need to be assigned by MARCcat as the record's 001 field
      2. Need to be used by SRS as the MARC Bib's 001 field, when MARCcat sends the new MARC Bib to SRS to create the new SRS MARC Bib
      3. Need to be used by Inventory as the Instance's HRID, when SRS sends info to Inventory to create a new Instance

      NOTE: The same functionality will be needed for Holdings HRIDs. Should that be a separate feature or included in this one?

      In scope

      • API to retrieve next assignable Instance HRID
      • API to retrieve next assignable Holdings HRD

      Related work (in separate features)

      • MARCcat passing the Instance HRID to SRS as the MARC Bib 001 field
      • MARCcat passing the Holdings HRID to SRS as the MARC Holdings 001 field
      • SRS passing the Instance HRID to Inventory as the Instance HRID
      • SRS passing the Holdings HRID to Inventory as the Holdings HRID

      Out of scope

      • MARC Authority record HRIDs

      Use case(s)

      • newly-created records in MARCcat must get 001s (HRIDs) that fit with the HRID assignment and sequencing employed for new Instances and new SRS MARC Bibs

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