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Record Contribution Enhancements/Ongoing Record Contribution ("Bibs" and "Items") for INN-Reach Central Server



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      This work was split into two phases:

      • Phase 1 is covered by UXPROD-3218
      • Phase 2 will cover ongoing record contribution and enhancements to the initial record contribution process

      Original context
      In an INN-Reach consortium, each participating library must contribute bibliographic records ("bibs") to the INN-Reach central server that correspond to items the contributing library wishes to include in the INN-Reach central catalog for discovery and/or lending. Records contributed should be able to be limited by some local criteria, and may need to be transformed before contribution (eg. to support record matching, contributed MARC record 001 field may need to be changed from FOLIO HRID to OCLC number). Records must be contributed in MARC21 encoded according to API specifications.

      Whenever an inventory record is created, updated, or deleted, it should be evaluated for contribution or update. This would include any Title-level requests (when available) or new items added to associated holdings. Inventory records without associated item records should not be included until an associated item record is created.

      In scope

      • Mechanism for filtering records to be contributed to the central server.
        • Ability to indicate whether a record should display in the central discovery catalog, and whether it should show as contributed by the contributing institution or the consortium.
      • Mechanism to generate and/or transform MARC21 records for indicated inventory record using a rule-based system.
      • System for maintaining record contribution status

      Out of scope

      • Contribution of item records.
      • Batch contribution of bibs.

      Use case(s)

      Proposed solution/stories
      Given an inventory instance record is updated, the INN-Reach business logic module should receive a message that indicates what record has been modified and evaluate said record based on its configured contribution criteria, transform/generate an associated MARC21 record and pass it on to the associated Edge API for transmission to the INN-Reach Central server as appropriate.

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      • What mechanism can be used to notify the INN-Reach FOLIO module to evaluate an inventory instance for contribution/update?
      • What criteria are available for filtering records?
      • How will filters and record transformation be configured?
      • What kind of interface should be used to manage this functionality for multiple INN-Reach central servers?

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