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quickMARC Bib | Indicate when a MARC field is data import protected field



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      Current situation or problem: In Honeysuckle, Data Import has implemented tenant-level settings for protecting MARC fields. Users editing a record via quickMARC should be able to tell when they are editing a protected field.

      In scope

      • quickMARC can access the Data Import field protection settings and indicate that a particular field is protected, The user would be allowed to edit the field.

      Out of scope

      • Disallowing the edit of protected fields via quickMARC
      • A separate permission (for now) that would allow a user to edit protected fields or not
      • A pop-up modal for each field indicating the user is trying to edit a protected field, and do they want to continue? SMEs agreed this would be too intrusive and cumbersome.
      • Editing of 001 and 999 ff fields is still disallowed, and the fields are greyed out on the quickMARC edit screen

      Use case(s)

      • In standard practice, any MARC field with $5 BIGU is a protected field, and cannot be edited. However, sometimes users will need to edit those fields. In those cases, users should be allowed to edit the field via quickMARC, but should be able to tell that it is a protected field.

      Proposed solution/stories

      • Need design from Kimie for some sort of indication in the quickMARC edit view that this is a protected field
      • quickMARC needs to be able to access the Data Import field protection settings and use the same logic to indicate which fields are protected when editing a record via quickMARC

      Links to additional info: See attached screenshot of field protection settings


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