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Claimed returned: prevent claim returned action on item that is already claimed returned



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      Current situation or problem
      FOLIO does not check whether an item's item status is claimed returned when a user claims an item returned. Using the claim returned action on a user's open loans, which allows users to select multiple items to claim returned, users can claim returned an action twice, which resets the claimed returned date on the loan to the date of the second claim returned action.

      If the user tries to claim an individual loan returned twice, the UI prevents them from doing so by disabling that button on loan details and hiding the action in the action menu.

      In scope
      Prevent users from claiming an item returned twice when claiming multiple items returned.

      Out of scope

      Use case(s)

      Proposed solution/stories
      For actions such as change due date, users can select a mix of eligible items for which change due date will succeed and ineligible items for which change due date will fail. Though ineligible items are selected, the change due date does not succeed, and the user is presented with a failure message. This interaction should be similar.

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