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MARC-MARC matching, part 2



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      Discussed with Magda, and we moved the prep stories from this feature to UXPROD-2791, since Concorde will be working on all of them. The prep stories are all linked under the MODSOURCE-215 umbrella. This feature is blocked until MODSOURCE-215 is complete.

      Split from UXPROD-2338, since not all MARC-MARC matching will be completed in Q3 2020

      See additional feature, UXPROD-2791, that this SRS querying will support (library direct queries to SRS)

      In Q3 2020, aim for MARC-MARC matching based on 001 (HRID) and 999 ff (Instance and SRS UUIDs) (MODDICORE-58)

      In Q3 2020 or very early Q4 2020, aim for MARC-MARC matching based on all the fields and options shown in the matching profile UI, especially identifier fields (010, 019, 020, 022, 024, 028, 035, 074) and 9xx fields; see MODSOURMAN-313 for analysis, plus abreaux to review with Data Import subgroup

      Once matching by 020 field (ISBN) is done, ensure we can match on normalized ISBN (MODSOURMAN-269)

      Matching for non-repeatable fields (e.g. 010) may be easier than matching for repeatable fields (e.g. 020, 035, 9xx); depending on the analysis, maybe split into separate features

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