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MARC-MARC matching enhancements



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      Current situation or problem:
      MARC-MARC matches and MARC-Inventory matches have differing use cases. Pairing a MARC-MARC match with a more specific MARC-Instance or MARC–Holdings or MARC–Item match allows for identifying a specific record to be updated, or confirms that a new record is needed.

      We want to ensure that MARC-MARC matching works properly for repeatable and non-repeatable fields, especially 0XX/9XX fields, and that they can pair well with Inventory submatches.

      In scope:

      • MARC-MARC matches that result in multiple possible hits can be narrowed to single records with MARC-Inventory or static value submatches
      • After a MARC-MARC or MARC-Instance match, a user can include both Instance and MARC Bib actions afterwards (need examples from users)
      • Confirm that MARC matches are working properly using indicator wildcards (asterisks) versus blanks
      • Review any existing matching bugs and plan to resolve as part of this feature

      Out of scope:

      • Currently ISBN matches do not translate 10-digit and 13-digit so that they can be matched against each other, Include in this feature, or handle as a separate feature in the future? See MODSOURMAN-269
      • Should we add a bug for not being able to have an override action for field protections under a MARC-Instance match?
      • What else?

      Use case(s):

      • SMEs: Please add examples*

      Proposed solution/stories:


      Links to additional info:



      • Confirm most important MARC-MARC matching fields, e.g. identifier fields (010, 019, 020, 022, 024, 028, 035, 074) and 9xx fields

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