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Claim returned: view and resolve claimed returned items without navigating to individual loans



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      Current situation or problem
      In order to resolve a claimed returned item, staff have to navigate to an individual user's open loans or to loan details. However, staff may be resolving or working with many claimed returned items at once, and it would be more efficient to show all claimed returned items together, rather than looking up each individual loan.

      In scope
      Showing all claimed returned items in one place and allowing user to access actions that are relevant to claimed returned items.

      Out of scope

      • Does not include claimed returned notices.
      • If this is worked on before UXPROD-532 (incrementing a count of searches for claimed returned items), this feature will not include creating the add search functionality.

      Use case(s)

      Proposed solution/stories
      Report similar to actual cost report, located in Users app. Show a table of claimed returned items, and in the actions column include the declare lost, mark as missing, and add search (if built) actions.

      Links to additional info

      • Split from UXPROD-532 based on conversation at RA SIG meeting on 10/1/2020.


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