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Identify "Initial Allocation" and "Total Funding" amounts in Budget



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    • Large < 10 days
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    • Important numbers for reports and managing the budget. Also having a net available amount will be important for ensuring that libraries can fully expend all funds when they are using any of the spending restriction functionality.
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      Display the Initial allocation at the top of the budget record separate from the Total Funding number. Showing the user what was first allocated and how that changed throughout the year

      Display the Total Funding amount at the top of the budget. This includes both Net allocated and Net transferred amounts. At any given time this represents the maximum amount of money that can be spent from this budget. Allowable Encumbrance and Expenditure should be applied to this number for regulating the budget expenditure, as described in UXPROD-2409.

      Use cases:

      • Library need to know how much money they initially allocated to the budget for the year. They look at the budget to retrieve this number and may use it in reporting
      • Library needs to be able to see what changes were made to the allocation for the year. looking at net allocation minus initial allocation will give the user that amount.
      • Library wants to limit expenditure by expense classes and must use a net net amount or money will be left over in the budget.
      • Library wants to know how much of the actual cash balance they have spent. This should take into account both allocations and transfers. I.e. All money in the budget


      • Calculate and display initial allocation on the budget, storing it in budget details for reference and reporting
        • The first allocation transaction made to the budget will be identified as the "Initial Allocation"
      • Display all increases and decreases to allocation following the initial allocation being made
      • Store and display "Total funding" value for the budget (Allocated + Net transfers)
      • Ensure that Allowable Encumbrance and Allowable Expenditure restrictions are based on "Total Funding" NOT Allocation
      • Update the number display in the budget according to mockup
      • Updated summary display for Group, Ledger and Fiscal year records


      See design mockup attached

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