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Create Settings to Manage Configuration of Relationship(s) Between D2IR Local Server (FOLIO) and INN-Reach Central Servers



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      R3 2021
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      Current Situation or Problem

      Local servers in INN-Reach may be associated with multiple central servers. We need a way to manage the configurations required to maintain those relationships.

      Definitions (from D2IR API Documentation v2.3)
      • Local Server: "Stores records that are contributed to an INN-Reach Central Server. A Local Server is often the integrated library system for the libraries it represents."
      • Agency: "Collections of bibs, serials holdings, items, and patrons are defined as belonging to an organization (agency) on a Local Server, which may host multiple agencies. Each agency is identified as a separate organization on the INN-Reach Catalog. Because it is assumed that all agencies on a Local Server share the same namespace, record IDs must be unique within the Local Server. When patrons request items from the INN-Reach Catalog, they must identify the agency to which they belong."
      • Location: "An ILS-defined name that represents one or more library branches or shelving locations."
      • Central Server: "Houses and provides Discovery for the INN-Reach Catalog. Also serves as the hub through which circulation requests and messages are received and sent to owning and borrowing sites. Uses INN-Reach software to perform a variety of tasks, including building and maintaining the INN-Reach Catalog; building and maintaining INN-Reach statistics; load balancing; and determination of lender."
      Configuration Settings to Manage (per INN-Reach consortium)
      • Central Server base API URL (Unique)
        • API Token and Secret for Oauth2
      • Central Server Code (Unique)
      • Local Server Code (Unique per Central Server)
        • Agency Code(s) (Unique per Central Server)
          • Could be mapped to either Institution, Campus or Library in FOLIO's location system (possible decision point). Limited to 5 characters.
      • FOLIO Location to INN-Reach location map. (SPLIT)
        • INN-Reach location codes are limited to 5 characters.
        • Could roll up multiple FOLIO locations into a single INN-Reach location.
        • Exclude locations
      • Exclusion criteria for record contribution (SPLIT)
        • A rule-based system for excluding records, possibly based on Data Import matching profiles
        • How Sierra Does It
      • Local Patron Group (FOLIO) to INN-Reach Patron Type map (SPLIT)
        • Central patron type list is retrieved from the central server using API endpoint: GET /innreach/v2/circ/patrontypes
      • Local User Agency Mapping (SPLIT)
        • Map FOLIO users to local agency codes using custom field values
      • Local Material Type to Central Item Type Map (SPLIT)
        • INN-Reach supports up to 2000 Item Types per Local Server, number 0-1999
        • Item Type Integer + 32 Character max description
      • INN-Reach Local Servers and Agencies
        • Mapping to FOLIO location hierarchy representations
        • Option to toggle automatic management of FOLIO locations (Out of Scope)

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