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Allow user to create order and encumber money against upcoming fiscal year



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      Allow user to select next years fiscal year budget when adding a fund distribution for an order. This would allow users to encumber money for an order against an upcoming year rather than always using the current year.

      Use case:

      • The scenario is the following: For the budget planning of the coming FY, all costs that are already foreseeable and actually already committed are needed (i.e. for planned contract extensions, simple subscriptions, multi-year contracts with several invoices, etc.). In the old system, there were already orders created (or so-called planned prices at that time) for these in the middle of the previous year and linked to the next year's budget. This budget had already committed funds and it was easy to see how much money was still available, which could then be increased/distributed/etc.


      • Is the major concern that you want to be able to see what is coming up for next year?
      • Or would you need the user to be alerted if there is not enough money in the budget next year to cover the amount that would be encumbered?

      In-scope: TBD

      • Allow user to specify fiscal year when adding a Fund distribution to an order
      • Allow user to set fiscal year ONLY IF the setting is active?
      • Add setting to order settings that activates this ability (Planned order setting)
      • Only allow user to specify current or upcoming fiscal year?
      • Always specify current fiscal year by default so user must purposefully select upcoming year if desired
      • When upcoming fiscal year is selected do not make encumbrance against current year

      Approach: TBD

      • Add fiscal year select field to fund distribution
      • Add only if "planned-order" setting is active
      • Field is required
      • Field defaults to current year

      Out of scope:

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