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NFR: Create integration tests for key Data Import functionality using Karate (Kiwi)



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      Feature to create integration tests for main workflows in data import. Allows for testing integration between modules on live environment; test all endpoints; move API tests from modules to these integration tests. Can't really do end to end from uploading file to checking results after import; not supported by Karate

      Preliminary estimate 45 days for completing this feature based on team estimation.
      Will be continued in Lotus by UXPROD-3121

      Kateryna Senchenko to review the remaining stories and update if necessary; some will need to be rewritten as workflows; some will move to the Lotus feature

      Preparation: Team will allocate time for the following

      • Setup Karate in modules (also link these issues to FAT-2) - DONE
      • Define test plans (also link these issues to FAT-152)
      • Implement Karate tests (also link these issues to FAT-892)


      Scope for Kiwi

      • Team forecast for Karate test coverage up to end of September.
        • Create all inventory types - end of Sept
        • Update for all inventory types - including matches, MARC modify and updates, field protections: end of Sept:
        • Stretch: Match on instance + instance update.
        • Added scenario for creating EDIFACT invoices
        • Added scenario for file extensions, plus beginning of covering creation of profiles for Data Import

      Within the tests:

      • Will need to configure the environment
      • Will need appropriate MARC/EDIFACT files (1 record in the file)
      • Will need the appropriate profiles
      • Test covers the workflow from profile creation through finishing the UI log
      • Reset environment after tests
      • Also need some ramp-up time to learn Karate

      Acceptance criteria:

      TestRail: Results


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