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Inventory. Result list Refined display rules MCL. Adding instance HRID



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    • Needs confirming that can sort by HRID - CW: Yes, this the HRID column is to be sortable.
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      Laura Daniels:
      MM SMEs have expressed a desire, that is, to focus on the longer-term goals rather than interim goals if they can't be built on directly. The lack, for instance, of call number in the search results display of the holdings segment, would not be addressed by the improvements in the JIRA features listed below. So I agree with you, @charlotte, that putting resources toward the hierarchical display instead (UXPROD-491), if at all possible, is in our best interest.
      charlotte: See more comments added 2/23/2020 in UXPROD-491.

      • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

      This feature is split out of UXPROD-1634 - the library ranking is kept from the original feature, which previously included all relevant refinements of the result list for the MVP.

      The cap.plan team has asked for getting the different improvements split into their own feature:

      1. UXPROD-1634 (index title/title)
      2. UXPROD-2667 (sort on contributor, when more than one contributor is listed)
      3. UXPROD-2668 (Adding instance HRID)
      4. UXPROD-2669 (Adding resource type)
      5. UXPROD-2670 (Adding format)
      6. UXPROD-2671 (Adding edition)
      7. UXPROD-2703 (Adding publication date)

      Overview: There is not enough information available in the current display of the result list to be able to distinguish between instances with identical information; e.g. solve the problem exemplified in this screen shot.

      Adding instance HRID, resource type, format and edition to the result lists would solve this issue.

      This is critical for the everyday use of Inventory. Especially journal title can be very similar/identical and therefor impossible to select the right one.

      As a librarian who is searching in Inventory.
      I want the search results to display the instance HRID to help better distinct identical titles.

      Out of scope:
      Future need: customizable results lists (tenant level and user level)


      1. Slide deck reviewed by MM-SIG 10/1/2020 and 10/8/2020 - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kDumWwhNfP7Mq9hZ5q4O1cnbg_BY4ILgKbjBWOO4Xso/edit#slide=id.p
      2. Survey send out on the #metadata-management channel 10/7/2020 - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/13Dt-Tkr_nzgU2Oxb044J4d3RSxxk4R-0lq-AlKXIItg/edit#slide=id.g9998cb799b_2_0

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